Learning Opportunities

School Excursions

St Clare's students enjoy the benefits of many different excursions as part of their day to day curriculum. The students visit educational, cultural and recreational venues on a regular basis and these visits broaden their horizons and importantly create opportunities for fun and enjoyment.

The Netball Team plays every Tuesday at the Belmont Recreation Centre to prepare for the Netball carnival in Term Two.  During Sport on Friday afternoons the sport group go to the Belmont Recreation Centre and participate in a variety of sports and the walking group visit local parks and may take nature photographs during their walk.

Also planned are return visits to Rock Climbing, Bubble Soccer and the local swimming pool.

The girls really enjoy the opportunity to explore their world and we are very proud of their high standard of behaviour and participation. 

Recent excursions include:

*The Museum


*Careers Expo

*Leadership Convention

*King's Park

*The Art Gallery


*The Perth Mint

*Bubble Soccer

*Rock Climbing

*Catholic Education Office

*St Mary’s Cathedral

*The Zoo